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Looking for people to jam or form a band!

Looking for Guitarist, Bass Guitarist, Percussionist / Drummer or Vocalist that plays Pop or Soul

I'm a keyboardist who wants to meet other music lovers who would like to jam regularly or form a band.

Looking to jam with other musicians

Looking for Guitarist, Bass Guitarist or Keyboardist that plays Pop or Rock

Like to play pop rock songs from the 2000s

Looking for other musicians to write with.

Looking for Guitarist or Vocalist that plays Alternative Rock, Blues, Independent, Rock or Rock & Roll

Hi my name is Jerome and i've been a bedroom guitarist for a couple of years now.


Looking for Bass Guitarist, Percussionist / Drummer or Vocalist that plays Jazz

Let’s play jazz for fun (newbie keyboardist here ok with the basics)

Poducer, Songwriter

Looking for DJ or Vocalist that plays Jazz, Pop, Punk Rock, Rock or Soul

https://www. youtube. com/channel/UCIRgMibHdUCdKFk6R4eFRVQ
I am a new part time mixing engineer, hoping a change to accompany in music production.