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Drummer looking for causal jams

Jay Chou :) Drum is looking for Guitarist, Bass Guitarist or Vocalist that plays Rock, Pop or Funk

Hello, I’m a 21 yr old drummer who’s looking for people to do fun jamming with, been playing drums for 5 years plus n can play any type of music, just for fun n no pressure :) Played in a band during high school, looking for any musicians other than drummer (Vocals, guitarists, bassists preferred but not a must)

No specific requirement :) Any levels are welcomed. Preferably aged between 18-26?As long as you can play a song smoothly n it’s musically correct that’s what it matters. Practise beforehand tho, like knowing how many bars till chorus etc.

Songs that I play:

- Chinese pop/ K pop
- English pop/ rock
- J pop/ rock/ metal
- classic rock/ metal
- funk/ RnB
- freestyle playing
- others (anything is welcomed)

Some bands/ singers that I play

- any Chinese pop, all can play one n they are my favourites to listen to hahahah

- x Japan (Dahlia, rusty nail etc)
- hide (misery, rocket dive etc)
- anime songs (ju-jitsu kaisen op1, one punch man op1 etc)
- Any one ok rock songs

- deep purple (highway star)
- Metallica (master of puppets, enter sandman)
- Nirvana (smell like teen spirits)
- Oasis (wonderwall)
- red hot chilli pepper
- beatles (Jude)
- system of a down

- avenge sevenfold
- slipknot (psychosocial!!!! :o)
- dream theater (pull me underrrr)
- bullet for my valentine
- bring me the horizon
- my chemical romance
- Linkin Park
- Panic! At the disco
- 21 guns ????

Recently practising some grade 8 rockschool songs if you oso down to play with me hahahah
- meet darth ear
- dark matter
- lead sheet

Can open WhatsApp group once got enough members :) down for making friends too