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Looking for Metalcore vocalist to do originals!

ShredShep Shep is looking for Vocalist that plays Heavy Metal, Independent or Japanese Rock

What do you get when you merge the uwu kawai-ness of J music together with brutal riffage found within Hardcore/Metalcore with the avant garde and progressive elements of Prog Rock/Metal?

If this sacriligious gathering of genres way apart from each other has you curious, then get this: my band Rockanine is a melting pot of musical cultures with love for all things Metal, Core, J and even video games and memes. We play weebcore, an unholy matrimony of the degenerate marriage of Metalcore/Hardcore/Progressive Metal and Anime/Anisong/J rock, so its not always about the uwu or Ara Ara.

While there are currently few niche acts, a close example to what we are trying to achieve would be something like this but with a combination of Royal Road chord Progressions and cute Japanese lyrics. Kinda like Babymetal but if it had English too.

My band of 5 (2 Guitarists, 1 Jap vocals, bassist and drummer) are inviting an epic vocalist such as yourself to to join us in fulfilling our stylistic requirements for screams/growls and the occasional English clean vocals. You're basically our Courtney Laplante (Spiritbox) or Matt Heafy (Trivium) and a plus point if you can wrote lyrics too!

If all this interests you, please reach out to me on Telegram @ZanShep or Whatsapp at 97910085.

Let's rock