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Looking to form an Atmospheric Black Metal Band

Nicky Ren is looking for Guitarist, Percussionist / Drummer or Vocalist that plays Heavy Metal or Alternative Rock

Looking for fellow misfits and deranged musicians to form an atmospheric/melodic black metal band, in the likes of Agalloch, Watain, Dissection Darkthrone and Leviathan etc. I can play both the guitar and bass as well as vocals, so I'm looking for a drummer and another guitarist to fill in for the moment. Anyone with the passion is welcome to join, preferably someone who has been in a band before. Goal is to write and record original songs first, anything else can be decided on at a later stage :) If you're interested and down for a challenge, please dm me on instagram @eeek_meek or telegram @eeekmeek and we can arrange for jamming sessions!