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The Basement Studio

Last updated 2 years ago

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Yazzit and Ritz came together as collective vision to provide our local musicians with a place that has both recording capabilities and as well as able to function as a rehearsal spot. Being full time musicians themselves, they know the hassle and frustrations when musicians decides to record or rehearse at a studio. So they build a recording facility while also putting themselves in a musician’s point of view as to whether they would find the studio up to par with their own standards as musicians.

And so, The Basement Studio came to existence. Built in 1 month, With sound insulations surrounding all four corners of the live room, with acoustic treatments and bass traps in place. As well as state-of-the-art musical equipments to meet the standards of our fellow musicians. The studio is built and constructed to be able to do multi-track recordings as well as live recordings, due to the fact we have a 500 sq ft live room. As well as able to function as a rehearsal spots for the local musicians.

Rehearsal $25 (1 Hour)
After hours rehearsal (12am till 6am) $30 (1 Hour)
Live Recording $120 (1 Hour)

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