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Lithe House

Last updated 24 months ago

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"Lithe Paralogue began as a media lab for its experimentation in audio technology. They registered as a company in late 2009 and launched The Lithe Paralogue Studio for rehearsals, recordings, and underground live shows at Old Bukit Timah Firestation. Spanning over 8 years at 4 different locations before and with countless of shows hosted and organised under its wings, Lithe Paralogue now resides at its new abode, LITHE HOUSE, located along Madras Street. It aims to provide the best rehearsal experience for musicians and an awesomely cosy live space for music goers where they get to experience performances up close and personal. LITHE HOUSE is also home to independent record label Lithe Records that brought you the highly acclaimed album of 2016 "Sun Eat Moon Grave Party" by Forests whilst spicing it up with a tour in Taiwan and Japan."

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