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Jimmusic Productions

Last updated 3 months ago

We are Jimmusic Productions | A one-stop Music-Audio-Video-Broadcast Production services company that will turn your special memories into a work of art. No, we aren’t going to paint your portrait and hang it in the living room but yes, we’ll listen and observe you, record you using the best equipment in the marketplace and pick up the tab for any awesomeness that might be incidental to turning you and your unique story into a movie!

At Jimmusic Productions, we see ourselves as creative collaborators rather than just another production company with a business card to share and bottom line to steer. The only plans we make are the ones that involve turning you the star and hero of your own film! Right from picking the wardrobe, picking a venue, to planning the shoot, to recording the music, we offer you the complete experience by putting you in charge of your dreams as we join hands in turning them into the reality you deserve!


We do Music Productions, Voice-Over Recordings, Livestream / Virtual Events, Music Videos, Short Films, Corporate Videos, Original Song Compositions, Wedding / YouTube Videos for any function and work to transform your special memories and dreams into a film with you & your loved ones at the center of it all!

Your happiness is our oxygen, which we breathe in and exhale into your special day as we work tirelessly to bring out the story with you at the center of it all.


Jimmusic Productions Studio located in Marymount also houses professional high-quality cameras, lightings and audio equipments with different choices of backdrops and even green screen in an acoustically treated hybrid live stream-ready recital and recording studio. Your go-to space for infinite possibilities, where ideas are limited only by your own imagination. We invite you to unleash your creativity with us at our non-traditional space featuring an intimate platform that will showcase your ideas wonderfully.


We’re a small, young and highly passionate team of Creative Professionals with a collective team experience in the Creative Arts & Media Business of more than 25 years (Music Production, Audio Engineering, Videography, Editing, Screenwriting & Ad Film Experience) – we’ve done it all.


Imagine you’re Jeniffer Lawrence. Nope. Let’s try that again.

Imagine you have an opportunity. An opporunity to shine, become & have lots of fun.

Imagine you have the opportunity to become the star of the music video of your dreams.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could help you ideate, script for, shoot & edit it?

Furthermore, what if the music in the video was an original composition specially created for you with a live band using state of the art audio recording & mixing technology?

It gets better, what if you could record a song for your special one using professional musicians & create the ultimate musical memory?

Well, we’re the people who help make such dreams come true.

We live in a world of selfies, #hashtags & status updates which means our little stories are that much more accessible to everybody else. So, while we’re at it, why not give your special memories the twist they deserve to truly make them spectacular!

Jimmusic Productions gives you the space to dream, we help write, produce & shoot your own musical memories to tell the ever-lasting story of your special day and times through the beauty of music, movies and a little bit of magic.


  • Audio Recording
  • Rehearsal Studio
  • Video Recording
  • Audio Mixing
  • Original music composition for wedding / corporate/ film
  • Event coverage for wedding / birthday / corporate
  • Livestream / Virtual Event Production for wedding / corporate / school
  • Video Editing
  • Green Screen / Chroma Key


When it comes to money, enough is never enough, which is why we’re competitively priced at keeping with the industry standards & we’re not greedy for the numbers. We’re willing to work within mutually decided budgets that best suit your requirements & we also throw in free coffee & fun with every project. Listed below, are some samples of how we are priced.

Silent Jam Studio @ $25/hr

  • Up to five musicians to rehearse and jam while monitoring with headphones or IEMs
  • Independent control of the monitor mix for each performer

Silent Jam Studio with Live Audio Recording @ $35/hr

  • Up to five musicians to rehearse, jam, and record while monitoring with headphones or IEMs
  • Independent control of the monitor mix for each performer
  • Record stereo live mixes to a SD card or dedicated cloud server for download

Silent Jam Studio with Live Audio Multitrack Recording @ $60/hr

  • Up to five musicians to rehearse, jam, and record while monitoring with headphones or IEMs
  • Independent control of the monitor mix for each performer
  • Multitrack recording in Pro Tools DAW

Audio Production

Music Production (Per Song)
Includes a fully produced track

Co-writing Song & Music Production (Per Song)
Includes a co-written song and fully produced track

EP Recording Package
Includes 5 songs and Music Producer
Additional songs at $1500 each

Sessionist Musician (Per Song)
Hire a professional musician to record your song

Live Video & Audio Production (Per Hour)
Includes live audio recording & mixing of up to 1 pair of stereo track and video recording with 1 camera. Additional still camera with live video switching at $50 per camera

Audio / Demo Production
Includes audio recording & mixing of 2 tracks (Eg, Vocals & Guitar/Keyboard)

Audio Recording (Per Hour)
Includes uncompressed audio (.wav) stems and sound engineer

Voice-Over / Dubbing Recording with Video Monitor Playback (Per Hour)
Includes TV monitor playback for VO talent and Producer/Director, uncompressed audio (.wav in 48Khz 24bit) stems and sound engineer

Audio Editing (Per Track)
Vocal tuning, cleanups, trimming etc.
Includes up to 2 revisions

Audio Mixing (Per 2 Tracks)
Includes up to 2 revisions

From $100
Audio Mastering

Video Production

Video Recording (Per Hour)
Includes 1 camera angle recorded up to 2160p resolution in .mp4 video format and 48khz 16bit .wav audio. Additional camera angle at $50 each

From $100
Video Editing (Per Video)
Includes footage assembling, audio syncing, trimming, transitions, texts supers, basic color grading, audio mastering and export to multiple formats. Up to 2 revisions


The 5 step Process

Listen – We believe in really listening to our customers and tuning into their lifestyles, preferences so as to make each product and offering as customized as possible.
Plan – We like keeping things in perspective and on paper, which is why everything we do is firmly rooted in a plan of action that will be shared and signed off with you in control of it all before we actually begin any Production.
Adapt – Creative professionals are like chameleons. We match our colours to the surrounds and are much less creepy. With every project comes the need to adapt our style, work culture and storytelling aesthetic to give our customers the best experience and end product that is possible.
Slog – Putting in the hours means getting the job done at all costs and accepting no compromises in doing all the hard work for you.
Deliver – We believe in the goodwill, fun and mee goreng. Either ways, you’ll definitely get what you paid for.

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