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4th Wall Studios

Last updated 2 years ago

4th Wall Studios is a hybrid recording/rehearsal studio with a 500 sqft live room with full IEM monitoring capability and personal mixers. With up to 32 channel inputs, we are capable of full fledged multitrack recording services as well.
The Live Room's spacious, 500 square-feet interior comfortably accommodates up to an 8-piece band with plenty of room to maneuver and practice your stage moves during rehearsals.  Our carefully curated selection of equipment takes reference from established backline companies and allows you to simulate the experience of playing on the biggest stages in Singapore. The Live Room allows for customizable individual monitor outputs via our Behringer P16-Ms for accurate real-time feedback of your playing and the rest of your band. Don't like IEMs? Fret not, you have the option to opt for floor monitors as well!

Equipment List:

  • Amps and Cabs
    • Hughes & Kettner Black Spirit 200
    • Peavey Invective MH (Misha Mansoor Signature)
    • Marshall 1960A Lead 4x12 Cab (UK-made) w/ Celestion G12T-75s
    • Mesa/Boogie Rectifier Oversized 4x12 Cab (US-made) w/ Celestion V30s
    • Eden Terra Nova 500
    • Eden D610XST 6x10 Cab (US-made)
  • Drums
    • Pearl Masters Maple Complete w/ Meinl Byzance Cymbals
    • Tama Speed Cobra hardware
  • Keyboards
    • Korg Kross 2 88-keys
    • Nord Piano 3
  • Mics
    • AKG D5
    • Shure SM58 (x3)
    • and many more
  • Monitoring
    • Behringer P-16M  Personal Monitoring System (x6)
    • Headrush FRFR112 Floor Monitors (x3)
    • Mackie Thump 15A (x2)
    • Fatfreq Musician Pro IEMs (x2)
    • Fatfreq Reference Pro IEMs (x2)
    • Behringer X32 Rack w/ SD16 Stagebox

Rehearsal $35 (1 Hour)

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