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5 Jamming Studios In Singapore You Should Check Out

5 jamming studios you should check it out

The 5 jamming studios in Singapore we think you should check it out on your next band rehearsal. 

1. Decibel Studios

Located at the heart of Orchard Road with their fully automated booking system, this is a definitely a place for last minute jam sessions. Operating 24 hours, you can book and access the studio at anytime with a unique passcode received via email upon successful booking on their website.

2. The Analog Factory

The Analog Factory (TAF) have two studios, one in Woodlands and another right in the middle of Orchard road. You'll never regret having your weekly band rehearsal at TAF. TAF is one of the few studios that take their equipments seriously. If you have a big group, I suggest getting the big room at their studio in Woodlands.

3. 8 Studio Production / Trisaddy 8

Westsiders, you are in luck! With the lack of jamming studios in the west, 8 Studio Production is one studio to consider if you reside in the west. 8 Studio Production have a cosy lepak corner where you hang out with your mates after a session.

4. The Music Parlour

Another studio in town. Trust me, you will enjoy your session at The Music Parlour if you don't mind the slightly smaller space. 

5. Plugged Studios

Located at Ming Arcade, decent sized rooms comfortably fits a band of 5. Well maintained equipments and definitely one place to consider when you are looking for a studio in Orchard.