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Seeking a Duo Act! (In Need of a Female Vocalist)

Neko Who is looking for Vocalist that plays J-Pop

It's been several years since I last touched a DAW and I've recently gotten back into music production with a keen interest in making music together with a vocalist who's up for a good songwriting challenge throughout this new upcoming duo project. [Looking for someone who can sing & write in English & Japanese].

A slow project but a reassuring one is our ideal timeframe with creative exploration! Music making sessions should be fun I believe.

Some of the songs that I'm inspired by:

1) 「Shikisai」by Yama (
2)「夜に駆ける」by Yoasobi (
3)「SpaceJellyfish - クラゲ」by HoneyComeBear (
4) 『春を告げる』by Yama (
If you're interested, hit me up on Discord @ Neko Who#5796 (Yep there's a space between 'Neko' and 'Who')