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LF Lead Guitarist/ Co-composer to form a duo band

rahul b is looking for Guitarist that plays Alternative Rock, Independent or Rock & Roll

Hello, I am 40 and music is now my serious hobby. I do not have formal music training except some Drums classes but I have been working, jamming with a beginner band for over 2 years, which is slowly getting less committed.

I love to write songs starting from concept/lyrics and then suit the music to convey the required feeling.
So I do not limit to particular genre. Influences / Inspiration could be from Rock, metal, classical, shoegaze, metal, pop, Nordic folk, indian, chinese opera music, etc..

Would like to hear from chill, fun people - any age, gender, race, etc.. just ready to explore the musical works together and have fun while doing so.
If all goes well, I would like to form a duo core band, make originals in concept --> then get those produced from professional producers.
Go for live gigs using secessionist instrumentalists/vocalist as required for the songs.

The skill I lack the most is making Lead guitar pieces, so a lead guitarist is most preferred. Not necessarily experienced but ready to work with commitment for making each song unique and noteworthy.