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forming an alt rock band (gigs n make originals)

Evan Chandra is looking for Percussionist / Drummer or Vocalist that plays Rock, Alternative Rock or Independent

We are a group of people tryna form an alt rock band, we're just starting out and all and in need of band members. As of right now, the band consists of two guitarists and a bassist. We need a drummer and a vocalist if possible. Anyone in the age range of 16-23 should be good. To know more about our band, we have produced a setlist that would somewhat summarize our sound as a band. Setlist is as follows:
1. Electioneering - Radiohead
2. Today - The Smashing Pumpkins
3. She - Misfits
4. Pine - Basement
5. Hyper Music - Muse
Of course, we're open to other input of yours so don't hesitate to ask us!! You can contact me on telegram if interested @evvannn7