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Bassist searching for the live project

Aleksandr Kichev is looking for Guitarist, Percussionist / Drummer or Vocalist that plays Rock, Jazz or Heavy Metal

Hi everyone!
I'm a bass player and musician that just relocated to Singapore.
Apart from the bass guitar, I can do music management, composing, producing, and some level of mixing for the music. For the instruments, I can play bass, guitar, ukulele, synths(may work with samples and synthesize) and rain drum (:D), but the bass is the main.

Examples of the projects that could be interesting for me:
1. Crazy instrumental fusions, jazz, progressive music, something like my previous Fugu Quintet, best orienteer is Snarky Puppy
2. Pure Funk/Soul music, kinda Bruno Mars and Andreson Paak project
3. Some mix of hip-hop and live jazz, like Mac Miller
4. Some groovy metal, maybe Djent, Sludge, Post-metal. Orienteers - Neurosis, Isis, kinda...
5. Great not sweat groovy pop music, any "modern Michael Jackson" options are welcome
6. Evil hardcorish stuff like Converge.
7. Whatever you like, if the music is great and fun to play!

Currently, I have no pedalboard available, but I have my bass, I have Teenage Engineering OP-1 that I can use as a bass synth or play simple harmonics lines. Also, I had almost no practice latest half of the year, so I want to have regular rehearsals and play some concerts.

My previous experience is the Fugu Quintet project (,,,, where I been a director, so-composer, and producer and played bass.
Also, I have my entirely solo project Golos Kaa ( my personal experimental project, the practice of improving the producer and vocal skills.

Ready to interesting collaborations and new experience!